Procedure of Selection of Workers

To be able to respond quickly to enquiries for placement of manpower to mobilize them at the shortest possible time without any flaw, we have mastered a system of operation which ensures highest quality of service at the least of expenses. Our flow of operation is depicted below:

Collection & Storage of Data


We have developed a smart software based sophisticated database system which enables us to respond quickly to any enquiries. 


Selection Process upon enquiry

Categorization of Worker

Collected and stored data are categorized under different heads such as Skill, Semi-Skilled and Unskilled and further sub categorized to type of works.

IQ & Psychological Test

We conduct an intelligence test for general sense of a worker. Then the worker goes under a psychological test to ensure that recruited personnel has a sound mental state and matches the clients need.

Scrutiny & Security

Through a highly experienced experts, we interview each candidate check their qualification, scrutinize their submitted document, judge them for their behaviors & choices and perform a security check for their background in a redundant pattern.

Medical and Health Examination

To ensure the selected candidate is fit for the job that he has been chosen, we carry out a rigorous medical and physical fitness examination from certified medical centers. The candidates must be healthy and immunized.

Orientation Training program

We have a pre- formatted well-coordinated orientation training program to quickly train and prepare the selected candidates for the job and the environment of the hosting country.

Registration, Fingerprinting & processing the paperwork

Selected candidates are registered with the authority and fingerprint of the candidate is profiled with his personal information and medical record at the government database for future requirement. The necessary paperwork is processed by the relevant authorities.

Dispatch of Manpower

To ensure smooth and timely dispatch of the workforce we also operate our own travel agency, The Air Bridge Tours & Travels. We also work closely with few other credible and reliable travel agencies home and abroad. We maintain an excellent working relation with all the airlines which operates between Bangladesh and the manpower importing countries.


Our work doesn’t cease with the dispatch of the workers. We try to monitor their performance so that we can act promptly to rectify any flaw in the operating channel. It may be mentioned here that we have our overseas offices to perform such task.


Manpower plays a vital role in the development of any organization, we are sensitive towards that fact. Based on that understanding, we have organized a highly professional team to respond effectively to the need of our valued clients. If you are in need of capable, efficient, well experienced, and productive work force for any sector Pavilion Recruitment Services is only a click away.

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